Sunday, 19 September 2010

Calendar Girls

Hi all,
Just had to share with you what I was up to yesterday afternoon! 
We had a girlie day out, my Mum, sis and the nieces! 
I was working in the morning, helping out with exams but got off at 11.30 &
met the girls at a coffee shop then off for lunch at a local Italian Restaurant. 
Then Off we went to see

It was a fantastic show! 
We laughed and cried, laughed a bit more, cried a bit more etc etc etc!
 Definitely a must see if you can!!!


  1. Dawn, I never knew you could play the piano!!!!!!!!!!! ROFLMAO!!!! Seriously though, really glad you had a good time, this is on my list of things to see, have heard lots of good things about it. Hugs, Ali xx

  2. Oh Ali, if only!!!!!!! 'Fraid I'm hiding behind the piano for fear of scaring everyone off!! ROFL Gotta be quick if you wanna see it in Edinburgh I'll go with ya!!!! I'd even buy your ticket and put you up if you can bear sleeping in a room full of crafty bits!!!!!!
    Dawn xxx

  3. ooohhh hope they don't catch cold I bet that piano seat was a bit chilly lol glad you enjoyed it
    jacki xx

  4. OMG!!!!
    I thought that was what YOU'D been up to for a minute, pmsl.

  5. Sounds like a perfect day out Dawn - I think all the piano jokes have been taken already so I'll leave it there lol x


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Dawn xx