Monday, 27 June 2011

I found something Very Interesting! A New Friend Too!

Hi All,
Just been doing a bit of blog hopping & discovered that it's Nikki Smith's Blogoversary!
Nikki is a freelance designer & does a lot of work for Do Crafts! 
You may have seen some of her recent work on Create & Craft TV!
I have to thank Nikki for being a great influence in the early days of my cardmaking!
My Mum & I attended many of her demo's in our area! 
She's offering up some fab candy but hasn't revealed just what it is yet!
There's not even a pic to show you yet! That comes later! There are a number of different ways you can enter this give away, so pop over to Nikki's Blog to check it out!
Just noticed we have another new buddy too! Say Hi to Sarah of Lazy Daisy She is obviously a lady of taste which you will discover when you visit her!lol

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