Thursday, 17 March 2011

A New Award!

Good afternoon all!
I've just been over to Jacki's blog & found that she'd given me this wonderful award!

Thanks Jacki, so kind of you!!!
All I have to do with this one is to pass it on to 7 people!
No more no less!
So who can I share this award with?
Some people who have been with me from the very start of my blogging journey!
Ali, we've had a great learning experience in many ways!
Ladies thanks for joining me on my fun journey!!!


  1. Hi Dawn x Well done you Dawn x thanks for thinking of me too! x Lovely award x Leigh x

  2. Ohoo Thank you Dawn!!Thank you for thinking of me!
    I shall put it on as soon as poss!

  3. Hi Dawn...

    What a lovely suprise, will wear it with

    You should pop over an join me at my forum we would love to see you there..

    Huggies Angel

  4. Oh Dawn!!! Thank you so very very very much! I cant post it tonight as I have a pounding head! I will post it over the weekend! Thanks again hun xxx


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Dawn xx