Monday, 21 March 2011

Another Lovely Award!

I have to say a big Thank You to Sally for this lovely award!

Pop on over & check out her FAB blog! when you get a mo!
I have recieved this one already but I will of course honour the rules & pass it on as required!
1. Thank the person who sent you this blog. Check
2. List 7 things about yourself (seven?) Check
3. Send this to 15 bloggers

Hmmm.... seven things about me...

1. I'm a coffee snob! I just can't drink instant!
2. I love blogging & have made sooo many new friends!!!
3. I recently joined the My Grafico DT & am just about to join another.
4. I suffer fron SAD Syndrome
5. As a result of 4, I can't wait for the better weather to catch the sunshine!
6. I need to exercise more
7. We have a new Craft Show coming up at the end of April in Edinburgh & I can't wait! I missed the SECC this month as I was on holiday!
Now I need to pick 15 fellow bloggers to share this award, let me think.....
1) Jovita Fellow DT Member at My Grafico
2) Lynn Fellow DT Member at My Grafico
3) Michelle Fellow DT Member at My Grafico
4)Lisa Fellow DT Member at My Grafico
5) Pantki Fellow DT Member at My Grafico
6) Janice Fellow DT Member at My Grafico
7) Linda, A newish blogger who has great talent!
8) Lorraine
9) Claire
10) Kathy K
11) Naush
15) Carrie


  1. Hello Dawn and thank you so much for the thoughtful award. Its a first for me and I am really thrilled !
    I too am a major coffee drinker but too lazy for freshly brewed so quite content with instant. I too am dearly attached to my 2 kitties. Dawn, I never knew anything like a seasonal disorder existed !! Just checked it out on google !
    Again, thank you so much for actually connecting with "me". Did'nt really think, anyone even noticed me !! So glad to find a friend in you.
    Much love

  2. Awwww, thanks Dawn. That's super.
    God knows where I'll find 15 to pass it on to though, pmsl.

  3. wow, how lovely thanks so much Dawn :-)
    Its great to learn a little more about you too
    Claire xx

  4. Thank you so much for the award


  5. Thank you so much for his lovely award Dawn, I really appreciate it. I confess I too am a coffee snob.....there is nothing worse than a bad cup of coffee. For me it has to be Nescafe at home and a good latte when out on the town. Just off to make myself a cuppa as you have got me thinking about coffee now.

  6. Aw thanks Dawn :) Very kind of you! I also can't wait for the sunnier weather, fingers crossed we'll actually get a summer this year :)


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Dawn xx