Friday, 31 December 2010

Just to Say Hi & A Very Happy New Year!

Thought I'd just stop by whilst tidying up my blog & giving it a change of clothes! Sorry, I don't have a card to share I'm afraid as I've spent quite some time looking for some nice pics of the family to go into Mum's locket! I've finally managed to get that done, I just hope she's happy with it!
I would like to wish you all a very prosperous 2011! I know that 2010 has not been the best of years for many people so hopefully that will all change for the better!
Hogmany looks set to be a fun event in the centre of Edinburgh. Earlier on we heard Biffy Cliro rehearsing up in Princes Street Gardens!
I personally am seeing out this year with a dreaded lurgy hanging about & I'm due to have a house full of people on the 1st! Hope I can stay awake long enough to keep them entertained! Lol
Can I also take this opportunity to welcome my 2 new followers Stacie and fleur thanks for stopping by!

Have fun everyone & take care!


  1. Feel better soon hun and a very Happy (and healtier) New Year to you.


  2. Ooops Mary, so sorry I deleted you post instead of publishing! I do apologise!
    here's what Mary said! "Hey Dawn Glad to see the last of this year . Wishing you all the best for 2011. Mary x "(
    Hope you have a fab 2011 Mary! Hugs Dawn xx

  3. Hi Dawn and a very happy new year to you too all the best for 2011
    Jacki xx

  4. I'm sure 'Mum' loved her locket - what a lovely gift :D

    Have a wonderfully happy New Year - I hope that this year is filled to the rafters with magical moments and happy memories for you and all those you hold dear to your heart.

    Hugs as always xx


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