Wednesday, 24 November 2010

My Floral Birthday Card & More Candy

Hi, just had to share with you the surprise I got at work today! There was a knock on the surgery door & the porter handed me a parcel with my name on!!!
I opened it, thinking it looked a bit odd for an NHS order & to my surprise I found this!

 It's a floral card with real live flowers! Beautiful is it not!
I've never heard of these before so it was a lovely surprise! I text Mum & Dad to say thanks but wish I hadn't said anything as Mum was upset that it didn't come on the right day! It was a stroke of luck that I was actually working in that perticular place today as I don't work there every Wednesday!!!
Anyhoo I'm delighted with it & will have it tomorrow morning!!! Think I'll put it in the fridge & surprise myself again tomorrow!!!!

As I'm in a good mood & got home to find the doormat strewn with envelopes, I have decided to add another small surprise to my Birthday Candy!!! I was going to post a pic, but I think I'll keep it a mystery for now at least!!!
Back in a while with another card!


  1. Wow! That IS beautiful Dawn! At least having it a day early you can keep it fresh.....(imagine if it had sat somewhere wilting for an extra day... :( ) Meant-to-be I reckon, especially as you only work there on Wednesdays! Hugs from Ali x

  2. What a lovely surprise, nothing says it quite like fresh flowers xx


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