Sunday, 5 September 2010

End of Festival Fireworks

We've just been upstairs at our bedroom window watching the fireworks 
to mark the end of the Edinburgh Festival!
I have to say it was one of the best displays I have seen in a long time! 
The fireworks and the music were perfectly synched!!!
We are soooo lucky to be able to see the bulk of the fireworks from home! 
It's quite a squash if you go up to Princes Street! 
The music by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra is broadcast on the local radio station 
& we can have a lovely glass of wine into the bargain!
Well done to all involved! Spectacular display!!! 
Will have a look at the pics I took on my phone but I'm guessing none will do any justice!!! 
If I find one I will post it!
As I guessed, none of the pics did any justice to the fireworks but I will share a pic 
from our walk this afternoon!

This chap appeared unannounced some time back, in the Water Of Leith 
and for a while nobody knew where he came from.
However, after a bit it turned out that he and a few others were a gift from a famous artist. 
They are metal sculptures but from a distance they look human! 
Can't begin to tell you about the trouble it caused when people spotted them around the place!

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  1. Lol! I can IMAGINE!!! Sounds like a great way to end your weekend Dawn, GFY! Hugs, Ali x


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