Monday, 13 September 2010


Hi, no card today, but I can share a 
Sneaky Peek of my ATCs for two swaps!
The first swap is over at the Cardmaking Downloads Forum 3 ATCs and the Theme is
 Back to School

The second swap is over at Ali's ATC Swap Stop 4 ATCs this time and the theme is 
TV & Movies

Can you spot who the character is I wonder????

That's all I have for you today but while I'm here I must say Hi and Thanks to my latest followers, Claire, Leanne and Charity Crafter! Lovely to see you ladies!


  1. it's not Winnie the pooh is it ..... nah only joking (bart simpson)

  2. Keeping us guessing I see Dawn!!! Recognise the graphics for the first set, and definately an easily spotted Bart Simpson for the 2nd set....looking forward to seeing them 'in the flesh!' Hugs, Ali x

  3. I sincerely hope I don't disappoint Ali! lol

  4. shame its not winnie the these sneek peeks.....

  5. Dawn said...
    I sincerely hope I don't disappoint Ali! lol

    Of course you won't Dawn, your ATCs are ALWAYS gorgeous! (Just got one in Spyders it!) Big smiles, Ali x

  6. Another blogger teasing us I see ROF - Maybe that first one is Winnie the Pooh Kris - didn't he dress up once as a bee ????? lol xx

  7. These are going to be fab, no matter what!

    (ps just going to email you...)

  8. Hi Dawn yes I am still smiling I will let you know in a couple of weeks what it is I don't want to say to much for now incase it doesn't work out and I end up looking a bit of a twonk lol
    take care Jacki xx


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