Monday, 22 October 2012

Not One But Two!

Good Morning Bloggers!
I'm  a very lucky lady! 
I was given not just one but two blog awards yesterday from the lovely

Thank you very much Rachel, - I'm honoured to receive them both!

 Both of these awards come with some rules: 
  1. I need to publicly thank the people who gave them to me. 
  2. I am to share some information about myself
  3. I have to nominate some of my favorite blogs
  4. I am to comment on their blogs to let them know I’ve awarded them

Thank's again Rachel, I'm honored & delighted that you chose me!

The One Lovely Blog award asks me to share 7 facts about myself while the 
Sunshine Award has some specific questions for me to answer. 
The Sunshine Award questions will effectively cover the 7 facts about me.

  • Favourite color: Purple
  • Favourite animal: Cats, of all sizes
  • Favourite number: 7
  • Favourite drink: Hmmm that's tough one! I guess it would be cider!
  • Facebook or Twitter: FB although I do tweet too!
  • Good book or good movie: A good book on holiday but a good movie on a cosy night in!
  • Giving or getting gifts: Has to be giving! I love to see peoples faces when you give them a well chosen gift! That's not to say I don't like getting gifts too!
  • My passion: Crafting(keeps me sane), My Family (Drive me insane) Holidays(for when I need to get away from it all!)
  • Favourite day: Friday (the promise of the weekend ahead!)
  • Favourite flower: Can't say I have a favourite but I love to see daffodils as they herald the start of spring!

 I now have to nominate 3 people to get these awards. I always find this difficult as there are so many fantastic bloggers out there!
Here goes anyway!
Sue Bearhouse @ Creations by Bearhouse


  1. Congratulations Dawn ...Well deserved xxx

  2. Hello Dawn
    well done on your award
    Thank you for nominating me, I feel really honoured ,however, I do have a little note on my sidebar saying that unfortunately I do not have time to accept awards. Sorry about that, I hope I haven't offended you.

    Hugs Sue

  3. So glad you're pleased with the award Dawn - really hoped you enjoyed doing it! Nice to get to know a little more about people in blogland isn't it?! Hugs rachel x


  5. Hi Dawn, Oh wow thank you for thinking about my l'm truly honoured and will display them with so much joy and many congratulations to you too but l'm not surprised your such a lovely blogger....take care! x

  6. Dawn you are one of the sweetest people!!!! You certainly deserve these sweet awards and I feel so honored that you chose me to receive them too. Fun, fun, fun!!!!


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Dawn xx