Friday, 10 February 2012


Morning all,
Happy Friday!
Just a quick share with you today!
Last year  joined a group called

What a hoot we all had!

There's no prize for guessing what it's about but just in case you're not sure, 
it's about
 Raising Awareness of Breast Cancer.
I'm sure many of your lives have been touched by breast cancer in one way 
or another& I'm sure raising awareness 
can only be a good thing
Now this little group has moved home & are now resident in the Crafter's Cafe.
They are trying to grow the group & are offering up some
super sweet candy to entice you in!
To find out more hop on over & check it out
If you do join in, please say I sent you over 
just so they know where you came from!
Have a fabtastic Friday!!!

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