Tuesday 26 April 2011

What Did You Do For Easter?

On Good Friday I went to meet my niece & her two lovely little daughters for lunch!
Time to get out the Easter Bonnets & Easter baskets for a bit of a photo shoot!
We had a run around first & then setted to the job in hand!

Watch the birdie!

What Birdie Mum?

Where's your sister gone?

Where is she???

Ahhh There She Is!

Let Me help You With That Hat!
Just a little bit of fun! Hope you enjoyed seeing them!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Such adorable little sweeties Dawn! They did a great job modelling your handiwork too! Hugs, Ali xxxx

  2. Adorable pictures Dawn, the girls look so sweet in their bonnets - it looks like a perfect day in every sense of the word. xxx

  3. Lovely pictures Dawn you sound if you had a fantastic day. Great card for your dad's birthday too...


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