Saturday, 2 April 2011

Easel Card Instructions!

I was chatting to a friend recently who said she didn't like to make easel cards as she felt people didn't understand how they should display them.
This came up in conversation with someone again today so I thought I'd share with you the instructions that I include with easel cards.

This is an Easel Card

To display your card,

Place on a flat surface

Slide the front section back at

The fold and tuck it behind the

Raised greeting underneath.

I have made up a word doc. which contains this instruction 12 times. I wasn't sure how to add it to the post but I'll happily email it if anyone wants a copy!
If this helps one person my work here is done! lol
Thanks for popping in!
:Dawn xxx


  1. I had a similar conversation and also read a blog post yesterday saying almost the same thing. Brilliant idea to enclose instructions. x

  2. that is a great idea Dawn I know that with diffrent shaped cards people do struggle to understand the constrution of the card I made an envelpoe card once for someone with the envelope as part of the card and they ripped it off not thinking lol luckily they didn't damage the card
    Jacki xx

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  4. MARY B said...
    Super idea Dawn, never thought of it. Could you email me a copy of the document
    Thanks Mary xxx
    I have deleted the comment containing Mary's eamil address just incase she didn't want it published! :D x


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