Friday, 22 April 2011

Blog Hop & Another Follower

Evening all! I just had to stop by & share this with you & say a big "Hi & a wave" to my latest follower!
(Thank you soo much for joining us! I'm afraid I can't find a link for you & I feel a bit rude calling you laurence-huber but until I find your link it's all I can do! I'm guessing you came by via My Grafico & I did look for you in the entries there but haven't found you yet!)
If you leave a comment here I should get your link from that! (Hugs)

Just had the most fun I've had in ages on this fab blog hop!
The theme as you can see is The Carnival!
Zoe from Make it Crafty and Mo from Mo’s Digital Pencil, came together to share the delight and fun of
The Carnival.
To celebrate - the two fabulously talented teams have come together for a massive blog hop to offer you plenty of inspiration when playing with these images.
Along the way you will find balloons with a letter in them.

The idea is to collect all the letters & make a phrase from them!
I've played along on a few blog hops lately & really enjoyed them all but this one was huge!!

I hopped all the way around the ladies blogs collecting letters & trying to make a phrase out of them!
I discovered I had made a huge mistake so I had to go back & collect all the letters again!

Ahhh! It was all so simple really !
Silly me!!!
If you have the time do hop around all the blogs of these very talented ladies!

There are quite a few & it will take a while but you have until 28th April to finish it & submit your answer!
I found out about the hop at Jak Heath's Blog  & funnily enough, that's where the fun begins!

Now for Something Close to all of our hearts
"Helping Children"
Mo and Zoe are doing a fund raiser image along side the hop it will only cost $1 and all proceeds will go to the Make a Wish Foundation for the UK and the US.

Sorry, I tried to upload a pic of it here but Mr Blogger wouldn't let me!
If you do go on the hop you'll see it anyway & there are lots of inspirational creations as to how you could use it too!
Right, I'm off to put my feet up with a glass of wine!
Night all!

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  1. Thanks for all the great information Dawn!!!
    Have a glass of wine for me too

    Hugs Linda


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