Friday, 19 November 2010

Retirement Cake!

Just had to share this pic I found on my phone. Some of you will remember I went to Mum's friends house for a crafty evening a week or so back! She had just retired from a career caring for the elderly.
Someone at work made her a cake but she can't bring herself to cut into it! I can't blame her, can you???

All those little cakes & teacups, how wonderful is that??? Well done to the lady who had the patience to make all these tiny little things!! Wish I could do something like that!!!


  1. It's gorgeous....reminds me of the little bits n pieces you can buy for doll's houses! (Hope its a fruitcake and not a sponge!) Hugs, Ali x

  2. lovely cake...
    not surprised she didn't want to cut it.


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