Sunday, 15 August 2010

A Money Saving Crafty Tip!

Thought I'd just share my fav crafting money saving tip with you!
I make loads of cards for a charity shop & I like to keep the costs down
as much as possible. I use lots of downloads for making them so
 I try to use one sheet to make two cards!

My fav tip though is, you know all these annoying bits of ribbon attached
 to your new clothes to keep them on the hanger? 
They are just perfect for making a ribbon detail or bow for a card! 
I get my friends to snip them off for me too & I have ribbons in all sorts of colours! 


  1. Such a beautiful card Dawn, and brilliant tip - must say I look at the ribbon as well as the clothes when I'm out shopping now - mind you, some of my jumpers keep finding their way onto the floor of the wardrobe now ROF

  2. I know what you mean Debbie, I now fold mine into a drawer, saves having to scrabble around on the floor when I need something to wear!! lol


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