Thursday, 29 July 2010

Pale Pink Rose 60th Birthday Card

I made this card for my mums friend who celebrates her 60th Birthday tomorrow but sadly lost her Mum just last week. A difficult time for her & I wasn't sure what to do card wise for her. I opted for an easel card design which I love doing at the mo!
I wasn't sure what words to use but in the end opted for
"Wishing you happiness in the year ahead"
This is a very versatile digital download, designed by Elaine Hayoe and can be found at


  1. Dawn, it's lovely, and the wording you chose was perfect. :D

  2. It's lovely, Dawn and yes, I agree. The sentiment is just right. Nice one, hun.

  3. Have to say the card went down well, apparently I have no.1 fan according to Mum! Just glad I didn't upset!


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