Monday 2 February 2015

I'll Miss You

Hi all, I have a card to share with you today!
This is one that I made for someone at work who is moving 
to work in another location within the service.
I'm really going to miss her as we have worked really well together
but, I'm looking forward to working with the next person too!

We have become great friends & amongst other things, I've helped her with 
learning to knit. We're hoping to still get together from time to time & also to share 
our knitting projects, stories & the likes as well as social occasions!
Of course I had to do a knitting themed card!
I did some tiny knitting. The needles are made from cocktail sticks with a
little bead on the end. I filed down the sharp points a little.

I rolled the wool into a little ball & added a strip of paper as a ball band.
The sentiment was done on the PC.
 Thanks so much for looking, I hope you like it!