Monday 23 August 2010

Blog Award "Cherry On Top"

Whoopee! I've just received a blog award with "A CHERRY ON TOP" from Ali over at 

It's for 'beautiful blogs with that little bit extra!'

Thank you so very much for that Ali, not sure I'm worthy but I really do appreciate it!

Now for the rules of receiving this award:

1. Thank the person that gave it to you! Already done that but for the record,"Thanks again Ali my lovely cyber buddy!"

2. Post it with pride on your's done, and with SOOOO MUCH PRIDE I could burst!

3. List 3 things you love about yourself. Oh dear, must I??....I'll have to think about that one!!
Okay, here goes I am trustworthy, caring and faithful!
Sounds a bit cheesy but "Managing to turn a blind eye to the dusting, ironing and vaccuming" just didn't seem the right thing to say! lol

4. Post a picture you love....

This is my Great Niece Jessica, who was dressed up in her mums old 
highland dancing outfit.
It had been modified for my older niece dressing up but Jess was keen to model it & brought 
loads of happy memories flooding back as she looks so like her mum did way back when!!
Just for good measure better add one of Emily (her little sis) too

Okay, so this is Emily with her great grandparents, they are all looking at a balloon! 
I love this photo of them all!

5. Tag 5 other people for this Award.....I'll have to figure that one out too as I'm new to blogging and still finding my way around!
1) Has to be Nikki over at What Nikki Did Next. She was my early inspiration and did the first ever cardmaking demo I went to! Thanks for the inspiration Nikki!
2) Jacqui over at Cats WhiskersI love her blog, tutorials and cards! Thanks for the inspiration Jacqui!
3) Paula over at Paula's Pretty Things
4) Elaine over at Quixotic Cards
as I still have one of these left to give out I have decided to give it to
5)Emma, over at Crazyems Corner the newest blogger on the block! There's not much on her blog yet but I can sense a lot of good things to come so Emma, it's all yours honey! ( For this one I'm prepared to bend the rules and if you can pass it on to one or two people that would be sufficient!